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About Excel PT

Welcome to Excel Physical Therapy

Our treatment programs are designed to get you feeling better and back to your pain free life as quickly as possible! You will also receive self-help tips for home and self empowerment. This will enable you to EXCEL in life!


Our Specialized Services Include:

  • Adolescent sports rehab
  • Manual therapy
  • Muscle imbalance correction
  • Spinal stabilization
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain relief
  • Orthotics
  • Joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Running injuries


Here at Excel PT and Sports Performance Center we pride ourselves on helping athletes achieve their goals using the Latest Revolutionary Techniques in a Safe, Efficient environment.

We use 5 core Principles with every Athlete:

  1. Coordination and agility
  2. Sports Specific Training
  3. Functional Strengthening
  4. Injury Prevention
  5. Recovery

We offer competitive rates for 1 on 1 or team rates, call us Today at El Paso, TX center for a Free Physical Assessment and training session.


At Excel Physical Therapy we specialize in correcting faulty body-mechanics, muscle imbalances to decrease your chances of getting injured or help you get back on your feet running pain free!

We offer free gait analysis and usually have a helpful solution within that first session. We can also guide you in the direction of talking to a specialist who can help you with the proper footwear to decrease your chances of injury.